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shaperesort.comHamburg, Germany

! HOW TO USE THE SLIDE BAR In the slide bar you will find single projects (yellow square), archives (grey square) and music (red square). In order to navigate through those groups, drag your mouse over to the left or right side of the slide bar. ...Read More

WerksdesignHamburg, Germany

Work design is your company's extended workbench. ...Read More

HORTFrankfurt, Germany

It is encouraged that you don't see the work displayed on this website as a library of ideas and visual styles to pick and choose from, but a showcase of our capabilities and achievements. HORT are willing to give most things a go. I mean how are you supposed to learn if you don't try. Right? Whethe...Read More


Crystal City Mind from COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE make guest appearance in London. Crystal City Mind is a multi-faceted design object made from high polished high grade steel and matte black surfaces. During the course of this summer CCOORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE toured the Berlin...Read More

LUNAR Europe GmbHMunich, Germany

Our designs don’t just move products, they move markets. With a passion for making stand out designs, Lunar creates memorable products that lead industries, capture new markets, and sell in the millions. From introducing Palm to an adjacent market to positioning HP as a leader in PCs for over ...Read More

pheistHamburg, Germany

This is the non flashy-hypy-bloggy portfolio of Stefanie Koerner aka {pheist} with a selection of personal and commercial work - things i do and love to do. ...Read More

kommunikationsgestaltung heißt für uns, wesentliches sichtbar zu machen und unverwechselbar zu kommunizieren – die identität eines unternehmens, den kern einer marke, den sinn und zweck einer institution. ...Read More


To exist on the markets for a company its more and more important to elevate the valence and pretension of the own product. Thereby it is a must to elucidate the unique sales points to distance oneself from the market competition. For the positive external representation of a company and its product...Read More

PHONOGRAFIE.COMHermsdorf/Thueringen, Germany

Phono is Jörg Steinhof, born and raised in Gera/Thuringia, zodiac sign: Scorpio. Choleric, arrogant, devious, deceitful, brutal, misogynic, ruthless, selfish, irresponsible, unreformable. Phono makes art. He makes it good, so good that there is no money at all to earn with. Find tons of graphic wor...Read More

The Minhang Race ClubHamburg, Germany

Since 2003 we ]constantly teach in design foundation as well as in the master courses and graduation semesters of the DFI in Hamburg. Besid...Read More