Graphic Designers

MESSMER & SEILERBasel, Switzerland

MESSMER & SEILER is a design agency located in Basel, Switzerland.The vast experience of our team members provides us with the knowledge from different areas, wh...Read More

KM11Biel Bienne, Switzerland

As a versatile artist and professional, Hernan Lorenzo has developed his career as designer and photographer in Argentina, France, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation and Switzerland. ...Read More

Raffinerie AG fuer GestaltungZurich, Switzerland

Here at the Raffinerie, we take innovative ideas and refine them even further to produce first-class design. The Raffinerie is a platform offering the talent and expertise required to maximize creative potential and provide uncompromising design solutions. ...Read More

microbotBasel, Switzerland

My name is David and i am Living in Switzerland. I am a creative person and love didgital art. I am working as an Interactive Designer for over 3 years now. ...Read More

nothing from outer spaceBerne, Switzerland

why nothing? nothing’s strength lies in its unusual fusion of artistic skills and technological know-how. nothing produces design that distinguishes itself with extraterrestrial lightness, but is nonetheless carried out with down-to-earth solidity. although nothing sets out with unrestrained creati...Read More

Love for art and businessStockholm, Sweden

Love for Art and Business (LA+B) is a Design and Communication Agency, focusing on positioning, corporate branding and conceptual design solutions. Wel...Read More

Adam Turnbull is a graphic designer from sydney. A self-confessed unfunny guy, Adam has acknowledged his shortcomings at joke making (at humour in general, actually) and wisely invested his time in studying graphic design and freelancing instead. His work extends into various medias including print,...Read More

black is goodWald, Switzerland

method of working: Carefully compiled concepts for the professional web appearence. custom-made solutions require a differentiated view and preparatino. creativity and quality: ...Read More

JustdontbotherKarlskrona, Sweden

I'm a designer, a Photographer and a constantly smiling girl. MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CREATIVITY IN DIFFERENT WAYS. THAT’S WHAT I DO, AND THAT’S WHAT I LOVE. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions and design is my way to express that. ...Read More

Restless StudiosLimhamn, Sweden

Welcome Led by Shane Doherty a graphic designer for The Creative Design Centre @ Sony Ericsson. We create designs on a brief or produce unique tailored solutions from the ground up for both artistic and corporate clients. Restless Studios specialises in Graphic Design (print, vectors), Flash (ani...Read More