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Why bother yourself on IT solutions and other web terminologies? Wickedinnovations is a web site design company, offering you a comprehensive solution for your business. As an entrepreneur, you only think about your business venture and leave everything to us. Regardless of location, we make sure that we adjust to your desired working schedule. Why spend more if you can get the same quality, productivity and performance from an offshore partner.

ABSOLUTELY FREE PROMO, no obligation or hidden charges. What’s more exciting about our service is that you get limited trial days every time you order for a dedicated staff. Now payment is made easier, convenient and hassle-free for all clients.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, ePassporte and Bank transfer.

You'll be surprised at what we do for you! Our Portfolio here.

Professional Web Design and Development services is what WickedInnovations specializes in, from complex integrated solutions for business and advanced multimedia products. We offer affordable search engine optimization services, a professional approach and customized solutions for business of all sites. Our team is composed of talented Web Programmers, Web Designers and Internet Marketers in the Philippines. The crew at WickedInnovations has an extensive working experience in developing Custom and Ecommerce Web Site Design, Flash Web Site Design, Graphic Designs, Search Engine Optimization , Database Integration, Multimedia Presentations, Corporate Identity and a lot more.

What separates us from the rest is not only we provide a unique, diverse vision based on the combination of eye catching, clear navigation, outstanding multimedia, web design and maintenance, but we also encompass a well planned scheme behind every project we take part in.

Our area of proficiency spreads extensively on today's information technologies, giving you an edge on a satisfying web experience. If you have any inquiry about our prices, portfolios and other related questions, feel free to consult our online representative.

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Listing added: Jan 22, 2009

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Copywriters. Logo, Branding & Identity. Multimedia. Print. Web Design.

Web Design Development services Programming Flash Animation

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Wicked Innovations is a rip off. Do not use Wicked Innovations out of the Philippines for your web development needs. Wickedinnovations.com I hired Wicked Innovations to develop my website. A project manager contacted me and provided a list of services they could provide me at a reasonable cost. I had PSD files and was looking for someone to slice them into HTML5 and CSS3 and to also develop the PHP and MySQL for the site. I also wanted a CMS developed. They promised to be able to easily do all that within a three-month time frame. The package Wicked Innovations offered was $1295 a month for a full time developer to work on my project. 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I was promised to receive daily email updates on what was worked on during that day. All communication was promised to be a group Skype with the developer and the project manager that I was in communications with. I was told there would be a three-day trial period where I could evaluate how things worked and then I would be expected to pay the month up front. As soon as I agreed to hire them they told me I had to pay immediately in order for work to start. They sent me a contract agreement that required 30-days notice to cancel services. Contrary to Wicked Innovationâ??s advertising they do not accept credit cards and paypal. They only accept Xoom.com (which I had horrible trouble with, I tried transferring three times and each time had my transfer canceled but they held my money for three days!) The only way I was able to pay was through a wire transfer. Trouble started once I had paid them money. Almost all communication ceased. I would send them files and information and only get a reply telling me they had received it. They asked very few questions and acted like everything was going smoothly. I took that to mean they understood what I was looking for and gave them the freedom to work. Contrary to their promises I never received an update email. Nor did I ever communicate with the developer. The first real contact I had with them was when they uploaded their first work to my server. It was full of bugs. Simple things like drop down menus didnâ??t work correctly. The graphics were rearranged and looked horrible. There were numerous spelling errors and links that were broken. I had to compile a list of items that I wanted fixed. They told me that everything would be fixed correctly. Two weeks later I was still fighting with my project manager about fixing those mistakes. Instead of listening to me and fixing the things I requested they had just barged ahead and worked on new things. Which they kept uploading and were equally as bad. When they made a few attempts to fix the mistakes the â??correctedâ?? versions were either not fixed at all or were done wrongly in another manner. All of this was on time that I paid a developer for! At this point Wicked Innovations were asking for another month payment. I told them very firmly that I was not paying anything more until they fixed all the mistakes they had. It boiled down to a huge lack of quality control. I expect there to be occasional bugs but spelling mistakes, links not connected correctly, and standard simple things like drop down menus should be done correctly the first time. However, they were not only presented to me as finished product but were not fixed correctly the second and third time around. After some very firmly worded emails about how unhappy I was about the work that had been conducted so far, the owner, David Aquino, stepped in and promised to sort everything out and get the project back on track. To his credit over two weeks he fixed most of my complaints without me paying for another month. He promised that he would personally be taking over this project and from now on I would receive the update emails I was supposed to get and all work would be high quality work. Although he did move the site and all updates to their personal server. Also, he did offer me a discount of $995 a month. So I paid for another month. Again as soon as I paid all communication stopped. The first month I would receive small emails here and there. This time I couldnâ??t get anybody to reply to me. David had made numerous promises that were blatantly dropped as soon as my money cleared. They continued to work on my site and load updates onto their server. These updates were equally as buggy and lacking quality control. I would receive no notification of new updates. I just had to check the site every day and mess around with things to see what was new. Then I would write an email of mistakes that were present and how I would like it fixed. I would get no reply email but occasionally things would be fixed. Although, nothing was ever fixed completely, instead part of something would be fixed and the rest left undone. After two weeks of this I was fed up with Wicked Innovations and wrote David telling him I would not be renewing my services with him. At this I received several emails protesting my unhappiness. Not once did Wicked Innovations listen to my reasons for why I was unhappy. Instead David Aquino tried to convince me that my reasons were illogical and that they were doing an outstanding job. Eventually I got Wicked Innovations to upload the site to my server so I was in possession of it. At which point, I found out that it wasnâ??t actually coded in HTML5 and they used tables instead of CSS3. I again emailed David asking why this was the case. To this he replied that it would all be fixed, again he promised on his own time, and I would receive the proper work I had paid for. That, however, was the last communication I received from Wicked Innovations. At this point, it is the end of the second month and I have not received any updated files or heard anything more from them. The last two weeks that I paid for were essentially stolen from me. The site I have is full of bugs, is coded poorly, and isnâ??t even according to the specs I asked for. Wicked Innovations quoted me three-months for my entire project and after two months I have some poorly coded HTML. It has been one long headache filled with poor communication practices, poor quality work, and a very incomplete site as a result. Not only is Wicked Innovations making false promises with what they say they can do for you, they are also a very unprofessional company to work with. Hire at your own risk!!!!

Published on Jan 21, 2012

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