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Thomson Data is a marketing solution provider that specializes in direct marketing. We provide highly responsive mailing lists that can be custom built to your specifications, enabling you to reach the right prospects at the right time. Our philosophy lies in understanding the dynamics of your marketing strategy and enriching your customer communication on that basis.

We are committed to delivering performance enhancing data that gives you a significant competitive advantage, driving sales and keeping customers happy.

Some of our key features include,

# Extensive reach with a database that contains over 250 million records.
# All data is owned and managed in house.
# Each record is verified and updated every 90 business days.
# Each list is verified at the time of delivery and is confirmed opt-in.
# Over 12 different demographic selects to narrow your search and better isolate your market.
# All lists come with contact name, mailing address, phone, email and additional information that will help you adopt a multi-channel approach.

We implement cost effective data services that can help companies expand their horizons and reach out to more clients every day. The advantages of working with Thomson Data include advanced data enhancement solutions like email appending, data appending, data cleansing and NCOA. These services can help your company augment the value of their existing customer databases, while giving you a better understanding of your client base.

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SAP Users List

Our databases contain over 210,000 records, which means we cover the entire length and breadth of the SAP user community. This, coupled with our extensive experience, makes us a world leader in SAP application marketing. Our SAP users lists detail key management contacts in SAP user companies that let you bring your sales proposals directly to the people who truly matter. By reviewing your campaign, past programs and current marketing data our sales teams help create the ideal list for your product.

ERP Users List

With Thomson Data as your list vendor you stand a substantial marketing advantage with a massive ERP user database, covering every major ERP system in the world, including, # Infor Users # JD Edwards Users # Oracle eBusiness Suite Users # Lawson Users # Microsoft Dynamics Users # Baan Users

Oracle Users List

Thomson Data can help you reach the hundreds of thousands of companies that use Oracle software to streamline and coordinate daily management functions. Our research teams are constantly updating and adding to the millions of key management contacts in our databases, ensuring that you receive only the freshest and most accurate lists. When it comes to application marketing, Thomson Data is second to none and our lists cover the huge gamut of Oracle software, including, # Oracle E-Business Suite # Oracle Open Office # PeopleSoft Enterprise # Siebel Systems # JD Edwards Enterprise One # JD Edwards World # Hyperion Financial Performance Management # Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Database Users List

At, Thomson, we put you in touch with thousands of multimillion dollar companies that constitute the global Oracle user community. We have a proud history in the field of application marketing and our oracle database users lists are guaranteed to set your sales targets on fire! All our records are permission-based and are sourced from strictly authentic sources that include business conferences, publications and other secure information portals.

JD Edwards Users List

Thomson Data can provide your company with custom-built, high-responsive JD Edwards users lists that are guaranteed to substantially improve your sales performance. If you need to quickly get your product across to the biggest IT spenders in the country, you've come to the right place. We have invested immense resources in contacting thousands of JD Edwards' users across North America and Europe, and our JD Edwards lists are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most comprehensive data sources available.

Microsoft Users List

Thomson Data, as a leading marketing solutions provider, has years of experience in contacting the high-level executives and professionals within the huge range of industries that use ERP software. Our information banks are brimming with sales opportunities and are guaranteed to send your conversion rates sky-rocketing.

CRM Users List

Thomson Data's Siebel users lists provide valuable connectivity with companies that spend millions on hardware, software and related products and services. Purchase decisions at these leading organizations are made by high-level executives and to achieve a break-through it is vital that you contact the right people.

Salesforce CRM Users List

Thomson Data has one of the largest databases in the world with regard to salesforce CRM users. Our market analyst will thoroughly analyze and optimize your campaign to achieve great success among cloud users. Based on our analysis, we'll then build you a list of company executives, that are most likely to respond to your sales campaign.

AS 400 Users List

Thomson Data's AS400 mailing lists can be customized to provide you with the range of AS 400 users within a host of demographic selects, letting you pinpoint your target audience with impeccable accuracy. Our iSeries lists are entirely permission-based and include the freshest, most up-to-date information available anywhere.

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Thomson Data seduces German markets an offer of 1500 free records

A leading provider of mailing lists and marketing data solutions, Thomson Data, today announced a special offer aimed at German enterprises. If your business concern is based in Germany, you stand receive 1500 exclusive records for every 15000 that you purchase. This offer is limited to German buyers and is set to expire on April 8th, 2012.

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Green Tab

Thomson Data is committed to saving the environment. We believe in stringent conservation measures and promote carpooling, efficient lighting solutions and minimum energy usage. All our systems use Blackle as their default search engine and we actively encourage employees to work in a purely digital space and print as less as possible, reducing paper wastage and leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

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