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Study Design, Questionnaire and Topic Guide Design, Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Research Results.

Rainbow Research Ltd provides a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions that we believe, are designed and delivered with clarity and creativity. Via an understanding of/commitment to client needs, and with insightful analysis and interpretation, our aim is to inform practical decision-making and thus, aid strategy development.We operate on a ?consultancy? basis rather than as an actual ?agency?. In simple terms, this means that we have the flexibility to buy-in fieldwork/data processing from a variety of specialist suppliers which, in turn means we can concentrate more on the design and interpretation of the research rather than the actual ?leg work?. We are in partnership with specialist fieldwork agencies (all IQCS ? Interviewer Quality Control Scheme registered) and a team of professional senior research associates is regularly brought together for more complex and lengthy projects (all selected for their individual and complementary skills covering both quantitative and qualitative techniques).Due to this flexibility, we are able to work effectively and efficiently on both the smaller, simpler projects, right through to the very complex, lengthy and therefore more demanding ones. The team you would get to do your research would be the best we have. Your project would benefit from senior consultants throughout the whole research process from briefing meeting to debrief presentation. We do not pretend to provide senior level input right the way through, we actually do - ALWAYS!All of our work is approached on the basis of developing close relationships with our clients, with the aim of becoming almost an extension of their organisation. Whilst maintaining impartiality at all stages of the research process, we believe that by nurturing client relationships, both parties ultimately benefit.Study DesignOur first step is to understand the question(s) you need to have answered. Then we work with you to identify and outline the project objectives and define the size of the survey sample and how it will be sourced. We place heavy emphasis on defining the objectives of the study upfront. Once the objectives are clearly defined, we then design the most appropriate research program to address them. The initial stages are the most important and we will therefore spend as much time as is necessary with you to ensure all concerned are happy with the objectives and the proposed study design. Our innovative and actionable design approaches ensure your study is customized to meet the unique needs of the project.Questionnaire and Topic Guide DesignQuestionnaires and topic guides are designed with your research objectives in mind. We make sure the questions address the needs of the project and if required, questionnaires are pre-tested to confirm the questions are answerable and appropriate for the target population. We always keep in mind the target audience and the method of data collection to be used as this determines the length of the interview and the language to be used. Should the objectives entail more complex statistical analysis e.g. cluster analysis, the questionnaire will be appropriately designed.Our research is designed to gather information that is clearly focused to help you make better business decisions. The design focuses on the action to be taken as a result of the study. The study questionnaire is meticulously developed after extensive discussions with the client. It is edited and rewritten until Rainbow Research can guarantee it is the best instrument to gather information to meet the study objectives.Data CollectionRainbow Research adds value with quality data collection. We have set high operational quality standards and checks on data collection. We can often boost study response rates and increase research efficiencies by our flexible approach to collecting data e.g. phone/Internet, mail/Internet, field/Internet, or phone/fax/Internet.Our data collection services include:Telephone:We have the expertise and facilities required for all your telephone research needs. We are in partnership with specialist fieldwork agency Feedback Market Research, located in Sigglesthorne, Yorkshire, providing efficient, high quality data collection (including CATI ? computer assisted telephone interviewing) that is flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.In-person (face-to-face):Our national roster of approved field agencies gives us complete geographic flexibility. We have access to a variety of experienced face-to-face interviewers including on-street, in-home, in-store, in-work and hall tests (where a respondent is invited to taste, view, try, observe etc. something before/while they are being interviewed).Omnibus:We have access to specialist omnibus interviewers. This kind of data collection offers clients requiring only a limited range of data (which can be covered in two or three questions) the opportunity a means of low-cost access to ?good? samples including consumer and business-to-business targets. Clients may choose to obtain trend data via this vehicle, however this may be equally used as an alternative to ad hoc (one off) research.On-line:We can conduct sophisticated research projects online quickly and efficiently, often faster than other data collection methods. Utilize your e-mail sample or access Internet panel samples. On-line surveys are renowned for obtaining larger sample sizes of harder to reach targets.Self-completion:This is a very efficient method of data collection, however we advise clients to avoid using postal/self-completion surveys except when respondents are highly motivated to answer, otherwise response rates can be low. However, this method works extremely well with sensitive surveys e.g. staff/employee surveys as employees can complete the questionnaire in the comfort and privacy of their own home. A telephone or face-to-face interview may yield false answers here.Qualitative data collection:Rainbow Research has the skills and experience necessary to help you discover why your customers do the things they do. Our research professionals understand and utilize the latest in qualitative research techniques, giving you the best possible results. Our researchers are highly skilled in focus group and depth interview moderation among both consumer and business-to-business respondents. They utilize advanced techniques to provide richer and more insightful results including: * Sentence completion * Ideas generation * Collages * Picture sortsWe also have access to highly skilled recruiters, either telephone or face-to-face, across a wide geographical spread.AnalysisAt Rainbow Research, we add value because of our quality of analysis. We are familiar with a range of industries due to our diverse backgrounds and the wide range of studies in which we have been involved. We are skilled at putting study results in perspective and providing key marketing insights. We have access to a variety of statistical packages, which allow us to utilize many analysis techniques (e.g. factor analysis, cluster analysis, key driver analysis etc.) to probe deeply and uncover hidden attitudes and behaviours that could have a major impact on the conclusions and the action to be taken. We transform the data into clear, concise and actionable information and we believe our value-added analytical approach is a major competitive advantage for Rainbow Research.Reporting Research ResultsOur Clients have come to rely on our presentation and reporting capabilities. We put great emphasis on providing actionable recommendations, which clients can take and immediately begin to move their business forward.We don't use "black box" or ?off the shelf? approaches to solve your business problems. We tailor the project to address your specific issues, and we provide cost-effective answers to your questions.Rainbow Research?s clients rely on our reports and presentations to make critical business decisions. Our action-orientated recommendations provide the decision-maker with all the tools needed to make sound decisions.

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