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We are a design agency specializing in packaging, whose members are professionals with wide experience in the industry.
We are capable of creating the essential packaging and shipping systems for all kinds of products, with the materials that each project requires.

Our priority is to guarantee that the packaging meets, in an appropriate manner, all of its different functions, not only on its formal presentation but also its communicative aspects.
To accomplish this, we carefully analyze the product and its attributes, and develop package and shipment solutions that adjust to the specific needs of each market.
We consider the packaging as a symbol, as a message carrier about the product, its industry and brand, as well as its consumer.

As a consequence, we design packaging ideas whose structure and image reflect the personality and essence of the product, while providing at the same time protection and preservation.

We are aware that packaging needs are constantly transforming along with social, economical and cultural structures.
Hence our constant investigation for new technological developments in shipping and packaging production systems, and the global tendencies in design and marketing.

We assume all of our projects from different perspectives, but always preserving the same focus:
To make innovating proposals that are always viable, which allow our clients to optimize their productive process, and the resources that are employed for packaging.

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Packaging Design.

Production and design of integral packaging and shipment systems for all types of products. Packaging project development advice. Production and design of prints and materials POP.

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