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MOTH3R represents the portfolio of interdisciplinary artist, me, Ivan Santic. I have recently graduated from Hyper Island - Digital Media (Crew12) one of the prestigious design schools in Sweden, based on “Learning by doing”. My internship had taken place at Native. As I am coming from Zagreb, Croatia, I am also a member of ULUPUH and Design Center Croatia, two famous Croatian based design associations. I also have a bachelor’s degree in history and I have worked for a year in private school. This gives me broader insight to what I do and have been doing for a long time; design.

I have got experience working in a graphic, industrial design studio and as a freelancer. I also used to work with various media ranging from web design, 3D computer graphics to offline - print. I also managed personal and company projects.
My works, media and choice of tools reflect a simple philosophy in clean, functional and effective visual communication, as a part of unique product / brand experience.

My approach to everything is to utilize logic and common sense, unfortunately not so often these days. I am systematical and I express myself on multiple levels, not just on the level of “cool”. My creation process involves creative ideas, concepts, prototyping and user scenarios. I am familiar with technology, their terms, user friendly interfaces, dynamic layouts, industrial design, information architecture, among other things. I am up to date of the demands of our technologicaly advancing environment. I have a feeling of things that are coming.

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Listing added: Jan 27, 2009

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  • 385 95 805 3364
  • 4 Barutanski ogranak 3

    Zagreb, 10000


3D Design. Design Consultants. Digital Art. Digital Printing. DTP. Graphic Design. Logo, Branding &

My Final Project for HYPER ISLAND Digital Media program was a short motion video. In short, a Computer Generated Animation. Basic stages of production were: Production (Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Rendering), Post-Production (Titles & VFX: Motion Blur, Depth of Field etc.).…

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