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A real birds paradise, this birdtreehut. A comfortable home for breading, a feeding place and branches for food. Not only fun for birds, also enjoyable for people. Who doesn’t like birds in garden, balcony or terrace? This birdtreehut attracts them all year round!

The house will be used in spring. When you put a bowl with water on the shelves, birds will bathe in summertime. During fall and winter birds will eat from the feeding place and food you can hang in the branches.
The birdtreehut is made of corten steel and can be left outside whole year round. The birdhouse is already assembled; the tree is easily put together without the use of tools.

Outdoor fireplace

The dragons of this outdoor fireplace give a beautiful, warm glow in your garden or terrace. The idea that dragons breathe fire arose during the middle ages. Falling stars were called dragons. The trace of a falling star was seen as a fire-spitting dragon. The dragons fireplace is interactive; fire asks attention en gives warmth and spectacle, the dragons add an extra dimension.
This fireplace is made of weathering steel, a group of steel alloys, which were developed to obviate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather. So you will enjoy your dragon fireplace for a long time.

Outdoor chandelier

This outdoor chandelier brings a soft glow of candlelight and creates a sensual ambiance in the evening. The flickering candlelight conveys a sense of magic that is irreplaceable. Ideal for all your beautiful nights. Even when unlit, a simple yet elegant design will decorate your garden or terrace.
Made of weathering steel with a stable rust-like appearance this durable outdoor chandelier will last you for a long time. Just like the outdoor dragon fireplace, together they make a beautiful set.


Boris is a chair with L-shapped legs in steel plate. The bowl-shaped seat keeps its shape thanks to the steel frame under it, to which the legs are attached. Because the corners require no reinforcement, the frame can be kept small. This chair was an entry for the Mart Stamprice. Boris was one of eight projects, which appealed the Mart Stamprice jury particularly: “ We appreciate the elegance of this design.”


PORtable is a tendril table. Its appearance is transparent, although its frame is made of steel and its top of ceramic. With a weight of less than 45 kilos this Maandag meubels design balances again on the edge of material use and appliance. PORtable can be easily carried and invites you to move your furniture. Relocate your furniture with your mood swings or move PORtable easily in your garden. Leave conventions behind, PORtable moves you!

Bloom, surprising and elegant

Bloom is an elegant table made of stainless steel and glass. The designer of Maandag meubels makes innovational moves in designing table frames by using unconventional production methods. Out of orbital brushed stainless steel sheet metal a frame is designed witch an exceptional elegant form. This table frame caries a glass tabletop in an eccentric way. This eases you to rise and go.

Bloom is an elegant table made of stainless steel and glass. Now this table is available with a varnished glass tabletop. You can choose from 11 colors varying from bright and lively to subtle colors.
The varnish is applied on the glass and immediately baked in the oven. This process provides a scratchproof coating.

Bloom is also available in an etched brown or white glass tabletop. Characteristic of etched glass is its mat, warm tone on witch stains are hardly noticeable. By using high quality stainless steel is Bloom suitable for offices, interiors, terraces and balcony’s, indoors as well as outdoors. Bloom offers place up to six guest and is available in different sizes.

Maandag meubels

Maandag meubels constantly balances on the edge of material use and appliance by making innovational designs and using unconventional production methods. Designer and founder of Maandag meubels was born in Suriname, educated in The Hague and has an office in Arnhem.

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3D Design. Industrial Design.

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