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Integral Resources, Inc. was founded in 1990 to provide quality, professional telephone fundraising programs for non-profits, democrats, and progressive political organizations. We work with organizations whose programs help the disadvantaged and promote a more equitable and caring society. The missions and work of our clients reflect the values and principles of IRI's dedicated employees.

Integral Resources, Inc. is a full-service tele fund raising agency that designs and manages cost-effective professional campaigns.

Unlike many companies in our field, IRI does not conduct commercial telemarketing. We are strictly dedicated to providing high-quality residential telephone fund raising programs for non-profit organizations, and democratic and progressive political candidates and causes.
With a range of professional services, we can manage every aspect of your campaign. And we have expertise in all key program types.

* Building and cultivating your donor base with donor acquisition.
* Donor renewal and reinstatement.
* Appeals, grassroots lobbying, surveys, and get out the vote

Best of all, many of our fund raising programs feature up-front pricing and guaranteed monthly payments. When you work with IRI, you always know how much revenue will come in from your telefundraising program, so that you can budget with confidence.
History :
A Brief History of Integral Resources

CEO and founder Ron Rosenblith opened Integral Resources Inc. in 1990 with the understanding of 4 basic facts:

* With the right lists, telemarketing is an effective way to prospect and build a donor base.
* Many progressive non-profit organizations cannot afford the initial cash outlays involved in building a telephone responsive donor base.
* Many progressive non-profit organizations need a predictable income from their fund raising efforts so that they can budget responsibly.
* A strong foundation of fund raising data is invaluable to clients and fundraisers.

On these principles, Ron developed his new fund raising theory -- the financed professional fund raising program. IRI would offer fund raising services with no up-front costs, and sometimes guarantee a set monthly payment to the client. This theory created a high level of accountability and commitment to quality, because the success of IRI would be inextricably linked to the success of our fund raising programs.

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Telemarketing Services

Our Services > Overview # Telemarketing Donor renewal and reinstatement # Creation of new donors # Surveys, Get Out the Vote # Information Technology and Database Management Software development and production # Creation and maintenance of your donor database # Appropriate market testing # Regular comprehensive reporting of your program's performance # Major gifts prospecting # Finance State-of-the-art fulfillment services # Caging and cashiering # Client Services Account Management # Consulting

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