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As you sit in front of the mountain of drawings presented by Dirk Hoffmann on his website, you feel kind of alone. They are not categorised chronologically by year of production or by technique, nor are they grouped into any series of contexts. Acrylic paintings with full dimensions are placed legitimately next to little pen sketches in the works on loose scraps of paper. There is no apparent overriding theme, and even the arbitrary groupings of I-III don˙t hint to an order. Its more like a stockpile than a catalogue.
I feel like I'm visiting the artist, a scenario runs through my head. It is if the artist has asked me nicely to make myself comfortable, sit down at the table and take my time. Then he spread out a stack of drawings in front of me and quietly left the room. I pick up the first picture, look at it cluelessly, put it down again, and grab another. While I flick through the pages, I'm reminded of ones I've seen before. I find those ones in the pile again and observe them a second time. When I'm finished with all the pictures there are new piles leftover: Groups Ia, IIa, IIIa. Until the next visitor comes along.

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web deisgn, site development, networking, architecture design, e-learning, e-commerce and flash ansd animation, illuatration drawings

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