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Under the direction of Silicon Valley veteran Peter Kahl (BSEE), DEZZIGNZ (Hong Kong) delivers highly effective solutions, while adhering to uncompromising standards of quality.

After receiving a degree in electrical engineering, Kahl has been engaged with Silicon Valley's (California) leading semiconductor and software manufacturers as an electronics design engineer, corporate marketing engineer, and software developer. In his daily work he had designed integrated circuits for communication satellites, 3G mobile phones; took part in the development of the MR technology for Seagate Barracuda drives; supported software which assisted in the development of the Intel Pentium microprocessors; made marketing decisions affecting consumers in the US, Japan, China, Europe and beyond.

In 1987, in Sunnyvale, California, Kahl founded a small business entity to develop high-end audio electronics, earning world's most prestigious awards in Japan (1999-2001) and highest acclaim in the press in the US, Japan, Germany, UK and Spain (1989-2001). His audiophile designs have been admired for remarkable performance, luxurious appearance, organically sensual feel to touch and tank-like construction.

Although less than a thousand of Kahl's high-end audio products have been made, many with Kahl's own hands (due to their extremely complicated manufacturing nature and exuberant price), they have become legendary and are being talked about with awe among Vinyl record collectors to this very day.

Kahl has been pursuing art and photography since adolescence. With his first camera, a medium format SLR, he began shooting portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, journalistic subjectsÂ… Kahl recalls receiving valuable tips from his art professor, the late Rudolf Lexa (impressionist painter; 1915-2003), including those on composition and color theory.

Since 1997 Kahl has been active in the realm of digital arts, graphics, illustration, web design and has developed and maintained many web site systems, often creating content. In 2004 he began using the Chinese language and started developing multilingual websites. In 2004 he became active in the business in mainland China and Hong Kong.

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