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MARKET RESEARCHCMR enables medical device and pharma companies to develop new products with confidence and ahead of the competition and also to create marketing campaigns that dramatically improve brand image and market share. We do this by asking the questions no one else thinks of, the ones that trigger genuine innovation. We work across Europe, North America and the Far East using a range of tools to deliver the results you need:INTERNET PANELSWith Internet panels you get exactly what you ask for - clear and simple answers to defined questions. CMR is a leading medical device online market research company. Unlike more traditional researchers, we are at the forefront of Internet based medical market research. We have revolutionised the traditional market research process in terms of speed, access and cost. Using the online medium, we are able to discover not only what clinicians, HCP's and patients think but, more importantly, WHY in a matter of days, not weeks!The benefits to you are that we will: deliver top line results to you within 10 WORKING DAYS assist you in the formulation of your questions interpret the results to ensure you gain the maximum from your investment maintain your commercial anonymityFOCUS GROUPS and IN-DEPTHSFor those "touchy feely" issues around new product development we conduct focus groups and in depth interviews across Europe, North America and the Far East.Focus groups remain an extremely valuable market research tool for obtaining creative QUALITATIVE feedback from your target audience on issues such as design and functionality of new concepts. The results can save massive amounts of time and money in ensuring that new products actually match genuine market needs.Where our international projects involve several European countries we work only with locally based moderators of whom we have previous experience. We brief them in person and always attend the groups ourselves to guarantee project continuity and that the maximum is gained from the cumulated learning across several countries.Where the aim is to get a more QUANTITATIVE result e.g. the justification of a large NPD investment and also to avoid interviewees influencing one another in a group situation, we carry out in-depth personal or telephone interviews of (typically one) hour duration. All such interviews are conducted in the respondent's language.INTERNET FORUMSFor the benefit of English speaking CDE's and specialist diabetes nurses we have created This is a members only site where diabetes educators post questions of one another and share experiences in terms of what works , what concerns them and any ideas they have within diabetes monitoring and care.As a product manufacturer or pharma company you can sponsor the site in various ways; please contact us for details. For instance, you can have the themes of what is being discussed in de-personalised format. This provides useful insights that can serve as an excellent source of new product or service ideas you may not have thought of and which are highly pertinent to the market.TELEPHONE INTERVIEWSFor factual feedback on advertising effectiveness, tracking of brand preferences and current practice we conduct telephone interviews across all European countries in the local language. For instance, we currently conduct a quarterly tracking survey amongst specialist nurses.

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