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85% of people using the internet find web sites via search engines. For that reason, it's imperative your web site has a high ranking on Google and all the other popular search engines. We can assist you to get the best search engine ranking possible for your site. We have optimised numerous sites that have attained a number one position on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and AOL. We can probably do the same for your site. Everyone wants to be number one on the search engines and the best way to ensure your site gets found is to get it optimised. We are all aware it's impossible for every site to be the number one, but good search engine optimization will improve your position, thereby increasing your hit rate, which in turn increases your business.Most companies or people that get a website think that is all they have to do to sell their products or service online, not true, in fact most online businesses fail because nobody knows you have a website. The people looking for your product cannot find you or your website unless you are willing to either go down the road of pay per click, (Google Adwords, Yahoo sponsored links, etc.) which can cost an absolute fortune, or search engine optimisation, the less expensive option.We do not rip you off unlike some SEO companies we are probably one of the most competitive on the web, give us a call and check out our fees you will be pleasantly surprised. We can also give you details of previous work we have done. Some SEO companies are charging astronomical fees for what we can do for a fraction, and we get satisfaction from helping other people succeed online.We had an enquiry for SEO services from a lady recently and we told her she needed to change the design of her website or she was wasting her money. She had a "Flash website" her web designer had built a beautiful site for her but it was totally useless as far as the search engines were concerned. (They don't read flash) Even so another SEO company had "guaranteed" her a number one Google ranking. If I could swear here I would, there is no SEO company that can guarantee you a number one position. If anyone says they can they are not being truthful, I am being polite, and are just after your money, steer clear.As a professional SEO company we never guarantee optimization will get your site to number one although all the sites we have optimised have shown great improvement and most do achieve number one position on Google and all the other search engines. All the sites get on the first page for keywords supplied by you. So SEO (search engine optimisation) does actually work. We am not saying come to our company but we will tell you the truth, if we cannot help you we will tell you so, or advise what to do with your website, before you pay get it optimised.Search Engine OptimisationWe are professional search engine optimisation consultants and have remained highly ranked by the search engines since we started our business in 1999. If your website has a high Google, Yahoo or MSN ranking then your traffic/sales/business will increase.We can provide SEO services to improve your websites' natural Google ranking position. We only provide services to improve your web site on the "organic search engine ranking results", which most people use, we do not offer pay per click services.Search engine optimisation for your web site will improve your chances of getting found. Of course you can use the sponsored links, pay per click, but this will definitely amount to a lot more than the cost of search engine optimisation. We advise you to hire an expert SEO company like us to get your site found. There are plenty on the web, some good some bad, we have been here since 1999 and are still ranked highly on all the major search engines in the natural listings, that must tell you something.SEO COMPANY UKAll our work is manually done, we do not use SEO software to optimise websites. We research to find the keywords people actually type into a search engine and optimise for those keywords. We do not optimise for spurious keywords which nobody searches for. Please be aware that some companies will get your site optimised for keywords which nobody will look for, for instance, your site may sell "widgets" which is what you want to get found for but some SEO companies optimise, for example, "widgets for sale to fit grommets". This is totally useless as no one but the optimiser will type that phrase in but they will claim they got you to number 1 for a search phrase therefore the optimisation was successful. We only provide ethical search engine optimization.Let us see if anything can be done with regards to SEO to improve your ranking on the search engines. If we feel your website is OK we will advise accordingly. We do not undertake to do SEO work to web sites for the sake of getting your business, but will say that search engine optimization in general will improve your search engine ranking.Search Engine OptimizersSimply registering your site with the search engines is no guarantee it will be found. With the amount of web sites on the internet, and thousands more being added daily, getting professional Search Engine Optimizers look at your site will increase your ranking. Your website will then get more traffic, which in turn will bring in more business!Search Engine Optimization will improve your rankings.Our web site is visible proof that SEO works or you would not have found us, you will not find us on any sponsored links, only on the organic searches unlike some other SEO companies claiming to offer the same sort of service. If they are so good, why do they have to use pay per click? If you are unaware of pay per click services then they are usually quoted as sponsored links on Google down the right hand side of the page and now in yellow at the top of the page. Websites listed there have paid for that privilege. Optimising your site is a continual process and good rankings do not happen overnight. The search engines are continually indexing new sites and if your competitors website is optimised, and yours is not, they will always remain in a higher position than you.Probably taking business that could have been yours!

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